Some Art for Sale

In this photo blog for, I’ll be selling some original, signed images and gift card sets.
South Florida is a collection of color and designs in nature.
At, a camera is used to produce visual satisfaction on an online space for the world to see.
Please lick to enlarge each pic.

DSC00366 horz

Florida is paradise alive. The oceans, the Everglades, the forests and all the wildlife are reminiscent of the continual and active lifestyles with farmers markets, beaches, parks, downtown, the New River. 


Purchase the gift set of six cards with original photographs taken by Judy Summers. Signed and frameable greeting cards that are sure to delight the viewer. 



One thought on “Some Art for Sale

  1. Please excuse me, for I am trying to reach the “Judith Summers” who wrote the most excellent “letter-to-editor” in the January 15th, 2016 in the Sun-Sentinel. The “letter” addressed concerns about the proposed Bahis Mar expansion in Fort Lauderdale. Please forgive me for intruding into your space and just ignore this correspondence and request if you wish to not respond, or if you are the not the Judith here..

    My name is Jack Haire and I live in the Riverland Road area of SW Fort Lauderdale. Our neighborhood has issues that were most excellently expressed in your letter. My nieghors and I are doing battle presently with the City Commission and its Planning and Zoning Board — and our issues and arguments parallel the ratiojales used to justiy the Bahia Mar proposal.

    First, I wish to compliment you on your most excellent letter. I am asking your permissio to present your “letter” in the upcoming City meetings (P&Z in February) and comment that it says better than I could ever express my feeling on our issues.

    I am retired from AT&T and have lived here since 1950. Please call me if you wish at 954-587-1380 or email at

    Thank you,
    Jack Haire


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