South Florida Glamour and Art Deco Colors

South Florida presents ‘living in color’ at its finest. Everyone who lives here agrees on one thing: South Florida is Paradise. It’s an easy and affordable escape. And, visitors are welcomed year round.

During the years spent “growing up,” the area presented itself with wonderful folks who became the dearest of friends. South Florida included such areas as: Fort Lauderdale, Downtown and Miami Beach, Dania Beach, Hollywood, Davie, Wilton Manors, Sunrise, Pompano, Deerfield, and neighborhoods in between. These cities and communities were amongst many wonderful places for all to enjoy.

For those of us who grew up within this epic lifestyle, we’ll never forget seeing the photos and newspaper articles of our Parents and their glamorous garb during the early days of South Florida.

We look back on those glorious days gone by as sweet, memories. Yet, fabulous guides for our future generations of friends and family.



Fortunately, even today, examples of the original Fort Lauderdale Art Deco  and mid-Century Modern Architecture reminiscent of the “Good ol Days” gone by, can be found scattered throughout the area.

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The colors are fabulous.DSC05889rainbow colors

more colors:

Judy Summers
South Florida Sunrise

and then,there is white…

 DSC06929white jsp








Exploring Fort Lauderdale’s Finest Colors

Today, Fort Lauderdale is morphing into a southern Manhattan. New York is a wonderful state and all. But, as a native Floridian, I have seen too much change related to greed and destruction, it’s heartbreaking. Our infrastructure is not set up to handle the massive traffic congestion, anyway.

on the water

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DSC00366 horz







The architecture, exquisite.

Old South Florida Dania Beach Art Deco

The beautiful beaches have been hijacked from the local community. The precious moments of solitude spent in the meditation of the morning will be history soon.

capturing the moment
capturing the moment

ECOTOURUSA ecotourfla kayaksouthflorida
Red and White Buoy, Key Biscayne, FL

Fort Lauderdale Sunrise
Sunrise @ East Sunrise Boulevard, Fort Lauderdale

Current Stiltsville Images

KayakSouthFlorida ecotourusa ecotourfla kayakfortlauderdale judysummersphotos
Cape Florida Lighthouse

Stiltsville can be found just to the south of Key Biscayne. It’s a group of stilt houses situated about a mile offshore. These 7 remaining houses date back to the gambling hay days of Al Capone. They are rich with South Florida history that includes rum running, drug smuggling, gambling, prostitution, fishing and just plain partying.

It’s a popular destination spot for photographers, fishermen, kayakers, boaters, sun worshipers and paddleboarders. If you’re considering a visit by boat, it helps to be fully aware of the shallow, grassy shoals and coral surrounding the area of the stilt houses. At low tide, it’s as shallow as a couple feet. However, there are several popular channels close by. So, getting to the area is not an issue.

Visibility is usually quite clear for spotting shallow areas to avoid by boat. Taking a swim is reminiscent of the good times had within each of the unique stilt structures.

ecotourusa ecotourfla
The A-Frame of Stiltsville

One of the Stiltsville images was transferred onto wood.
A beautiful piece. Must see.
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Stiltsville key Biscayne downtown Miami ecotourfla ecotourusa kayak south florida fort lauderdale
Stilt houses in a row

Kayaking and stand up Paddleboarding work well in the shallow waters. I’ve seen very experienced kite surfers, as well. Whichever activity you choose, always include a camera (waterproof is safest) to record the very colorful and alive environment.

What I find most interesting about Stiltsville, is its proximity to Miami. It’s juxtaposed against the downtown Miami skyline. An amazing scenario to experience by boat.

judy summers photos miami stiltsville photography ecotourusa ecotourfla kayak south florida kayak fort lauderdale
Stiltsville and Downtown Miami Key Biscayne

Back in the 30’s, when  these structures were first built, they included an illegal gambling barge and the racy Bikini Club.

Miami was small in comparison. As a result of the vast and rapid development involving downtown Miami, the beaches and the surrounding areas, Stiltsville’s future suddenly became threatened with the ongoing struggle to maintain its presence in Biscayne Bay.

Dr. Paul George, historian for the Historical Museum of Southern Florida explained the significance of Stiltsville: “It really is an only-in-Miami kind of thing. It had an aura, a rascally mischievous past. But it was also just a place people could go to enjoy getting away. It would be a terrible loss.”

Although these houses are maintained by their current lease owners, Biscayne National Park and the National Park Service have dominion over them. The Birds have taken up residence at some of the houses.

Come out and play with the neighborhood birds…we’ll provide the tools to have fun!

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South Florida Colors and Designs

One area of the beautiful state of Florida that is rich in color and unique design is the entire southern region: a mecca for architectural wonder and outdoor fun space. 

Las olas isles, Isle of Venice, Fort Lauderdale Beach, North Beach, Las Olas Boulevard
Art Deco by the Water

gumbo limbo tree, fort lauderdale beach, spanish architecture, art deco,
Lighted North Beach

South Florida is the destination for beautiful weather and the most fun experienced on the water.
Boredom does not exist.


fort lauderdale beach, bikinis, ecotourfla, ecotourusa, fitpac
Staying In Touch On the Wall at the Beach, Las Olas Boulevard

Fort Lauderdale Beach, North Beach Village, The W
The W


South Florida Kayak




Kayak Las Olas Isles

in the local waters of the isles of LasOlas,


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Downtown Miami, Stiltsville, Key Biscayne

judy summers,, ecotourfla, ecotourusa, kayaksouthflorida
Downtown Miami

Progressing further south from downtown Miami, a section of Key Biscayne commonly known amongst the locals as Stiltsville, can be seen in the far distance. These comprise a small group of homes built on stilts.

ecotourusa, ecotourfla, kayaksouthflorida
Built on stilts for easy access

During the early to mid-1900’s, the gambling days of Al Capone, Stiltsville was a major gambling destination. Boats could pull right up to the structures on stilts and dock. This could go through the early morning hours., ecotourfla, ecotourusa,,
Stiltsville, Key Biscayne

The law specified that gambling was allowed provided that it was located a mile offshore. Stiltsville is located just over a mile offshore. It was a fine and exquisite gambling establishment and clients were ferried to and from there.

During the 1980’s when Miami was in the Miami Vice days, the Stiltsville area was used for seaplane dropoffs of contraband where speedboats would take off with the cargo. Film shoots and plenty of wild parties and photo shoots for minimal clothing magazines have featured the houses of Stiltsville.

Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park is the home of the historic lighthouse built in 1825 and reconstructed in 1846. It’s the oldest standing structure in Miami-Dade County.

The park has been delighting visitors as well as residents of this subtropical island of Key Biscayne. Graceful coconut palms line the walkway toward the ocean and grand historic monument. A climb to the lantern room affords a vast panorama of the lush island with its long stretch of sandy beaches and the ever-changing tropical seas. My favorite site is a pod of Florida dolphin. Biscayne Bay is alive with marine life I spotted at least 12 dolphin in the area.They are beautiful beings of the sea.

biscayne bay, ecotourusa, ecotourfla, kayaksouthflorida, stiltsville

Lighthouse can be seen on the right

judy summers photos, eco tour usa, eco tour fla, kayak south florida
Loving the pastels against the blue green sea

Against a background of blue green waters, lively dolphin, giant rays, schools of colorful fishes, occasional sharks, diving pelicans, and other tropical birds may be seen. You will view ships from international ports plying the forces of the powerful Gulf Stream, with cruise ships on the horizon, luxury yachts, deep-sea fishing boats, and bobbing sailboats riding the waves.

Some of these houses were quite large. They were simply amazing places to live in. And, each house has a story to tell. My friend owned and lived in one that fell apart in Hurricane Andrew. Unfortunately, today the houses just sit.

stiltsville, ecotourusa, ecotourfla, judy summers photos,

Stiltsville’s beauty is infinite…as the visual enjoyment goes on and on, the South Florida experience, by nature, becomes a homegrown paradise. Stiltsville is just one of the many wonders.

Visit soon


Everglades: The Real Florida

The Florida Everglades extends throughout much of  the bottom third of my beautiful home state .

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Please click on images to enlarge.

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Lovely Cypress Slough

Wildlife and birds are abundant in this section of the Everglades within Collier County.  It can be accessed by bike,  kayak, car…and, if you dare, on foot.

Whichever, you must bring your video and/or still camera! This is the last remaining  vestige of old Florida history; including that of such native Indian tribes as: Miccousokees, Seminoles and Tequestas. Possibly there were more.  The area seen in these photos is a slice of what may have been similar times back in the 1800’s and earlier. I saw amazing wildlife and plants which the inhabitants had to be keenly aware of for personal survival.

I’m from South Florida, and, I love being a tourist in my home state. I enjoy taking visitors, who appreciate Florida’s natural beauty, on outings in the area. It’s worth the investment of time and hospitality to promote and preserve the health of this beautiful state.

EcoTourFLA, EcoTourUSA, KayakSouthFlorida

Alligators can be seen just about everywhere throughout the waterways and cypress sloughs of Florida. If you click on the pic below, you will see the lovely smiles on these big alligators. I wonder what they had for lunch.

Honestly, from what I hear,  they can make great pets. I just interviewed a guy who took care of one in his home for 15 years. More on this in a later post.


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Hanging out with my buds in the Everglades

Biscayne Bay by Day and by Night

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ECOTOURUSA ecotourfla kayaksouthflorida

Check out my local kayak connection for more adventure and beauty on the water: Kayak South Florida

Being fortunate enough to join up with friends on a sea journey cruising by Dania, Hollywood, North Miami, Downtown Miami, Key Biscayne and Crandon Park is KING! The opportunity was spontaneous, spur of the moment. But, it was by boat. And, nonetheless, exciting.

I met up with the rest of the gang toting my bag of portable gear at a dock close by.

Packed up and en route, via the channel at Port Everglades. In the ocean, we came upon hundreds of Portuguese Man-of-War blowing in towards shore. Our Captain explained that sea turtles lived off of them. Coincidentally, I thought I saw a big turtle, very briefly.

I found the man-of -war to be very intriguing. Their name is derived from the the sail of the upper quadrant of their vessel-like bodies. Which resembled the sails of Portuguese War Ships. Hence the name: Portuguese Man-Of-War. Subsequently, those sails were blowing the interesting sea creatures right onto the entire southeastern shoreline.

These creatures can severely sting an unsuspecting human swimmer with their long, underwater tentacles if skin contact is made. There are people who have sensitivity to the allergens and, have gone into Anaphylactic shock. Which can be a devastating experience in itself. No need to go there. But, the coasts of Florida have beauty that never ceases to amaze me. ecotourusa ecotourfla kayakfortlauderdale kayaksouthflorida

Continuing on our journey south we came upon Miami at Sunset. I cannot describe in words the beauty of approaching Miami in the direction of the lowering sun. We were hypnotized by the sun’s beam, as we progressed closer and closer to downtown Miami.

Just past the downtown area, we came upon beautiful Key Biscayne. I managed to see some dolphin. No pictures, though. The dolphin were too far away. And, it was getting dark. Yet, the visuals were a lovely scene now etched into my memory. I continued to see dolphin throughout our time in Biscayne Bay. It was glorious.

This experience was so unique for me. I am fortunate to have the  gift of flexibility; accepting the “here and now” as we know it.  And, even more fortunate to have a wonderful camera that is capable of  communicating compelling photography in the raw.

Miami Beach,, EcoTourUSA, Ecotourfla kayakfortlauderdale, kayaksouthflorida
Follow the Sun
Coming into downtown Miami at sunset is a site never to be forgotten.

Biscayne Bay offers its own beautiful show. Nature’s finest production.

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A Luscious Key Biscayne Sunset