the key to greater health. Just add a bountiful amount of sleep, sensible eating, proper hydration and endless happiness while laughing out loud.

The exercises I find most effective, are of the compound type. Here’s one that incorporates core strength with upper and lower body addressed, as well.

Stand tall with feet placed hip/shoulder width apart, toes and knees pointed straight ahead like headlights.  Reach tall.  Stretch both arms overhead toward sky, with fingers spread wide, palms facing each other, keeping heels planted on the floor. Next, reach out and over, while bending knees forward, reaching arms up, bending straight out from the hips. (a squat) Stick butt out while keeping knees bent and stabilized. “>”

From this bent stance, reach out and up at the same time straightening knees and arms reaching tall toward the sky, then bring arms down at side and stand erect.