Mid-Century Modern Architecture

241472_2053626383996_2709496_o (2)

This beautiful architectural splendor of a structure was found on Hendricks Isle, Las Olas Fort Lauderdale, FL.
South Florida is still filled with classic architecture of days gone by: Representative of  famous lifestyles of the rich at heart.


6 thoughts on “Mid-Century Modern Architecture

  1. Hi! Beautiful photos! I particularly like the ones in Stiltsville- Do you sell them?
    Thank you, Stephanie

      1. Hi! Thank you for getting back to me- better late than never! I love all of your stiltsville photo’s- I particularly like the photo called Stiltsville and downtown Miami Key Biscayne & stilt houses in a row. Can I purchase those two? What sizes do they come in- I was hoping for larger sizes? Thank you, Stephanie (305)467-7709

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