Everglades: The Real Florida

The Florida Everglades extends throughout much of  the bottom third of my beautiful home state .

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Lovely Cypress Slough

Wildlife and birds are abundant in this section of the Everglades within Collier County.  It can be accessed by bike,  kayak, car…and, if you dare, on foot.

Whichever, you must bring your video and/or still camera! This is the last remaining  vestige of old Florida history; including that of such native Indian tribes as: Miccousokees, Seminoles and Tequestas. Possibly there were more.  The area seen in these photos is a slice of what may have been similar times back in the 1800’s and earlier. I saw amazing wildlife and plants which the inhabitants had to be keenly aware of for personal survival.

I’m from South Florida, and, I love being a tourist in my home state. I enjoy taking visitors, who appreciate Florida’s natural beauty, on outings in the area. It’s worth the investment of time and hospitality to promote and preserve the health of this beautiful state.

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Alligators can be seen just about everywhere throughout the waterways and cypress sloughs of Florida. If you click on the pic below, you will see the lovely smiles on these big alligators. I wonder what they had for lunch.

Honestly, from what I hear,  they can make great pets. I just interviewed a guy who took care of one in his home for 15 years. More on this in a later post.


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Hanging out with my buds in the Everglades

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